Monday, February 1, 2010

New notecards...

I've had some fun in the past couple of weeks making some new notecards. I'm really excited about these! I made so many over the Christmas holiday, and really liked them, but just felt like they might be missing something. To me, that something was COLOR! I love the whole black and white thing - but I was ready for more.... So, here are a few of the newest collection of "Notecards by Lizzie!" My friend Rebecca is trying to convince me to sell them. My problem is - I love them so much, I just want to look at them! I'll have to send some out, but I just want them all for me! :)

I realized that I didn't take pictures of some of my favorites - I'll have to get those uploaded and post soon!

Not too much exciting happening otherwise. I am so glad Monday is close to over...ready to move forward in this week. I had a busy weekend (we had Vannah's 14th birthday party - wow is really all I can say about that) and have another busy one ahead! On Saturday, I have a "Professional Development" class in the morning, birthday party in the afternoon and fundraiser that evening. Sunday will be completely dedicated to the couch, good food, hopefully a few good friends, and the Super Bowl (GO COLTS!). Perhaps over the course of this week, I'll get in some good cooking, baking or crafting! If so, I'll be sure to document that there.

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