Thursday, February 11, 2010

Upcoming Activities....

I have several things coming up in the next few months that I am super excited about! Work is really crazy right now....I have lots of big projects on my plate and trying to find the time to accomplish all of my goals is really stressing me out. So, I am planning to take time for myself. A few fun things to look forward to:

1. Craft night! I just love it - if I do craft night by myself or have a few friends and bottles of wine over, I love it. It's a good release and let's me see something to completion.

2. Pure Romance Party - this is going to be wild and so much fun. More girls only time, but it will so be worth it

3. Book/Movie Club - a few of my friends and I were talking about having a book club. We would read books that have been made into movies (and you always must read the book first). After we each read the book, we will get together for dinner to discuss the book and watch the movie. Can't wait for that to happen!

4. Enjoying a work free weekend and some alone time....while I hate that Danny's schedule has changed and he's working weekends now, I am really excited to have some "me" time this weekend.

Beyond that, I am sending out positive energy into the universe and hoping that some shines back upon me. I'm sick and tired of being sick and ready for a change. Hope it's coming soon.

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