Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small world....

The week before last, a photographer came to my work to take pictures of one of the boys. He was a really nice guy - very creative and engaging. He even showed me a few magic tricks in my office. We had a scheduling conflict - I had to stay late at work and Danny needed to sleep, so I had my mom drop Sophie off to me at work. She was happy as clam, finding rocks and entertaining my co-workers with her animal sounds while we waited for the photo shoot to wrap up. The photographer even snapped a few pics of Sophie and me.  I was so excited to see them! While waiting, my mom and I were talking about wedding planning - her wedding, my wedding, my sister's up-coming wedding, and she mentioned the photographer my parents used for their ceremony and reception. Would you believe that the same guy that was at work taking pictures of my kid is the same man that took the pictures at my parent's wedding? He was also a good friend of my dad's in their younger years. Apparently, he even came to dad's funeral and has kept in touch some with mom. Such a small world. 

Here's the picture he sent me this morning. 

photo by John Nation

Monday, July 9, 2012

WW Update

Danny and I are still doing WW, but it's been up and down recently. I've been holding steady at my 30 pound weight loss - not gaining, but not losing. I'm not sure exactly where Danny is with his. It felt like I pushed so hard and met my first major goal, and things have just fallen off a bit. I'm trying to get back on track...literally. Not tracking what I eat is my biggest downfall. I do pretty well with eating what's right all day - breakfast and lunch are easy. (I normally have oatmeal for breakfast and a Sm@rt Ones meal, Greek yogurt, and fruit for lunch.) Dinners are where things get iffy. I'm tired, it's too hot to cook, there's nothing to eat that sounds good to me... I could probably list a hundred more excuses. The reality is, I'm only hurting myself. I got out of the routine that I had established (including attending my weekly meetings) and I'm getting frustrated. So, I'm doing something about it. I've tried several new recipes recently (below) and actually used our fancy Treadclimber tonight. I'm trying to get back to where I was. The other thing I have to do is keep the right food in the house. I realize I can't go 2 weeks without grocery shopping. I have to get into a routine of getting to the store every week to keep fresh produce and meat around the house. 

Here are the recipes I've tried recently.

French Dip "Cupcakes:" I really loved these. I mean, what's not to like with roast beef, cheese, au jus and wontons? Danny liked them okay, but I don't think he enjoys french dips as much as I do (as an aside, my dad made amazing french dips...and his own au jus from scratch). I'll definitely make them again. 

Hawaiian BBQ "Cupcakes:" These are also pretty fantastic. I didn't have scallions, so I just left them out and I still thought they were really good. Apparently, Sophie loved them today (not yesterday, she wouldn't touch them). This recipe is a keeper, too. 

Zucchini Tots: I thought these were great. Danny's not a fan of zucchini, but I told him he had to try at least one. He ate several. :) They really do taste just like tater tots. 

Here's my current favorite dessert: 

I made a pineapple angel food cake (found the recipe somewhere on pinterest...angel food cake mix and a can of pineapples drained). The cake is really good, but I had some difficulties in the baking process (my pan was too small and the cake was pouring over the side...). I topped it with lite cool whip and fresh strawberries and blackberries. Yum!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ten Years

Ten years ago this weekend, Danny and I started dating. I don't know that we had any idea back then where we would be today. Things haven't always been easy, but the past ten years have been better because I've been able to share it all with him. I'm so thankful that I am married to someone who makes me laugh everyday. He has held my hand through the saddest and happiest days of my life and  wouldn't trade a single day that we've had together for anything in the world.  

This was taken the summer we started dating....we were so young!



It's been a great week. We had a lot of fun celebrating the holiday with our families on Wednesday. Sophie and I headed to the pool early with Melissa and Taylor. Our friend Rebecca joined us, as well as Mom and Vannah. 

Sophie enjoying her morning cup of milk before heading to the pool.
 Our girls are so smart...finding the smallest piece of shade and playing together there. 

After swimming for a few hours, we went to Melissa's house for dinner and then headed to Jen's house for more dinner! 

My girl was worn out after a long day, but still all smiles!

It's looking like another weekend of 100+ temperatures...we'll be finding ways to beat the heat...playing inside and staying cool!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Girl

Sophie is getting so big!! It's almost like she's turned into this little girl overnight...she's definitely not a baby anymore!
On our way to a friend's cook out Saturday night

Playing with Lucy

Me and my big girl

Rocking the new headband!

She is 16 months old today. Where has the time gone!