Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5 months!?!

Not sure how it happened, but Sophie is already 5 months old! Time is truly flying by! She's a bit more mobile and squirmy now and really didn't want to sit still for her pictures! She's continuing to grow, change and learn everyday it seems. She's now eating baby food a lot better than before. Last week, we tried green beans - she loved them! Yesterday, we started on peas. She's enjoying those as well! She also eats oatmeal. My mom did a great job working with Sophie, feeding her everyday and now Sophie really has the hang of it. She was cracking me up earlier tonight with her mouth wide open waiting for the next bite. After we get through the peas, we'll move on to the orange vegetables - squash, carrots, sweet potatoes. Then, we'll let her try some fruits which I'm sure she'll just love.

She's not quite sitting up on her own yet, but she's close. I'd say she'll be there any day now! She still prefers to stand up, but would rather sit in my lap than lay down. She laughed harder tonight than I've ever seen. I was fake sneezing and she just thought it was hilarious. Her little giggles were so cute! There is nothing in the world better than that sound!

Here are her pictures - my how she's grown!

2 weeks

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months!


I've been thinking lately about all of the changes that we have endured over the past few years. Since Danny and I got married in November 2008, we have both changed jobs, we lost my dad, we bought a house, I changed jobs again (our gross monthly income decreased as a result), Vannah started high school, we had a baby, we bought a new vehicle....and so on. Things have constantly been changing and as much as I crave consistency and structure, here are I am getting ready to embark on yet another new adventure. I'm changing jobs....again. Leaving is harder this time than it was the first time. My relationships with the girls and families I work with are on a completely different level than they were in the past. It's hard to walk away from a program that I was a key part in starting, but I'm moving on to another challenge. In my new role, I'll be working with adolescent boys (glutton for punishment much??), but the job I'll be doing will be similar to what I'm doing now. From my interviews for this position, I really feel like I can make some positive changes in the program that I'll be joining. Time will tell. My last day with my current job is August 25. I'll have a three day weekend to celebrate my birthday and then start on August 29. I'm already getting nervous - what will I wear? Should I take my lunch? Will I have anyone to eat lunch with? Will I have to sit alone on the bus?? Oh wait, I went back a little too far! I am definitely feeling a little nervous, but so excited at the same time. Maybe after this change, we'll be a little more stable for a while. That is, until Danny starts trying to go work for Metro PD...