Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sophie loves her Daddy!

Nursery Crafts Part 2

Everyone loves Sophie's head full of hair! We can't go anywhere without being stopped by strangers ooh-ing and aah-ing over her hair! With a lot of hair comes a lot of bows! I needed a way to organize all of her bows and headbands. So, Danny and I made a Bow Holder!

We started with a blank canvas and marked it with painter's tape. 

Then added brown paint...

And green paint...

After it dried, we removed the painter's tape! I touched up the edges a little with white paint...

Added some pretty ribbon...

Clipped on the bows...

And voila! A beautiful bow holder! It came out exactly as I hoped and I just love it!

Nursery Crafts Part 1

Before Sophie was born, I bought letters to paint/decorate to spell her name on the wall (or Joseph, if we had a boy). This weekend, I decided it was time to paint the letters and decorate the nursery some more!

The letters before being painted:

 With white paint:

 And on the wall in the nursery:

This cross is hanging at the end of Sophie's name. It was a baby shower gift from my sister-in-law and we thought this was the perfect place for it!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Preschool graduation

It's hard to believe that this sweet baby...

has grown into this...

I can't believe she's starting kindergarten in the fall. I just love her so much and am so proud of her (even if she gets too many "yellows" at school)!

Take me out to the ballgame...

We took Sophie to her first Bats game last night! My grandparents had season tickets to the Louisville Redbirds so we spent many nights at the old Cardinal Stadium watching baseball games. I always looked so forward to being able to spend an evening at the ballpark with my family and hope that we can create similar memories and experiences for Sophie! She did pretty well - she got a little fussy, but I think she was worn out and completely overstimulated!


We have tickets again on June 16 (Danny's birthday). I am already looking forward to going again!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

watch me grow...month 2

Here she is at one month:

Month 2:


What a wild ride! This past month has absolutely flown's hard to believe how quickly time is passing. This week I went back to work and boy, has that been an experience! I am absolutely worn out and incredibly grateful to be working from home on Fridays. I'm so looking forward to working in my pajamas tomorrow! Sophie is really struggling with taking a bottle, as in, she won't take a bottle. We have four different bottles/nipples and she doesn't like any of them. This weekend, I'll be working with her, trying to figure it all out. Yesterday and today, I ended up coming home for lunch so that I could feed her and help Danny to have better afternoons. Monday and Tuesday, I left work early to come home and feed her. Note to self for baby #2 - give baby a bottle a day very early on...don't wait until the last minute! I guess it all just snuck up on me! This week, Danny and I are both incredibly grateful for our families (my mom and sister have come over in the mornings to watch Sophie until Danny gets out of bed and Danny's parents have come by to help with screaming Sophie) and for jobs that have allowed us some flexibility in learning how to work and be parents!