Saturday, June 23, 2012

Random pictures

Since it's been so long since I updated, I have some random pictures to post. :)

Enjoying her new hat

Playing dress up at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Going for  a ride with Grandpa!


Louisville Zoo with Aunt Va Va

Before Rebecca's Surprise Graduation Party

Playing with the rocks

Going for her morning walk with Nana

Checking out the fire truck at St. Bernadette's Picnic

Taylor's Baptism

My niece, Taylor, was baptized at St. Aloysius Church on June 3rd. She asked me to be her godmother and I was honored to do so! She asked her uncle Brian to be her godfather, but he wasn't able to make it to the ceremony, so her Uncle Danny filled in for him. It was a beautiful day and we all went to Captain's Quarters after the ceremony!


We haven't had a vacation in a LONG time and we were so ready to get away for a few days. We decided to take a few days off from work and visit our friends, Kenny, Kat and their daughter Sarah, in the big town of Makanda, Illinois. They recently took over a golf course there and have been running the show there for nearly a year. We drove down on Father's Day (the perfect distraction for what is normally a very difficult day). We had a bit of a late start since we were out pretty late the night before. We went straight to the clubhouse when we got in town and Sophie and Danny were ready to hit a few balls.

After stretching our legs for a few, we drove to Giant City State Park and had a fried chicken dinner with all the fixin's. It was fun to watch our girls get to know each other and play together. After dinner, we headed back to the club house for a guided tour of the course. We turned in pretty early Sunday night. Sophie needed some rest for sure!

Monday, Danny decided to play a round of golf while Kat, Sophie and I headed to Cobden, IL. There were supposed to be some shops to visit, but everything was closed since it was Monday. We stopped at Flamm Orchards for some fresh peaches and then decided to visit Rustle Hill Winery. Kat and I did a wine tasting and ended up splitting a small pitcher of sangria. The girl working was so nice and brought Sophie a bowl of cheese, crackers and grapes (no kids menu there). The scenery was really beautiful! After Sophie's nap, we went to Kenny and Kat's house for a cook out. The girls had fun playing with sidewalk chalk and the water table.

Hanging out on the deck in our pj's. 

Sophie's favorite part of the trip - rocks

Golf lesson!

Playing with Sarah

Sarah "helping" Sophie smile for the camera!

Tuesday, Kenny took the day off work. It should not be so difficult for a group of adults to decide on something to do for the day. Oh, but it was. We finally decided to check out a toy store in the mall and then headed to Kenny's parent's house in Paducah. Best. decision. ever. The pool was exactly what we needed - a time to play and relax. They have a very nice set up and Sophie had so much fun playing with the rafts, slide and her new friends. Later that evening, we ordered pizza and just hung out with Kenny's family. It was a great day!

Sophie and Hayden

I couldn't get all three girls to look at the camera at the same time...this is the best we could do.
We came home on Wednesday, after having lunch with Kenny and Kat. Sophie had a rough car ride - very restless! She slept through lunch so she was awake the entire way home. It's very difficult to keep a 15 month old entertained for 4 hours, but we tried!

All in all, it was a really great trip. We are so glad that Kenny and Kat are so much closer now and we can visit them more often!

Wedding Fun!

One of my dear friends got married last weekend. The ceremony was beautiful and held at the Cathedral of the Assumption. The reception was held later that evening at the Seelbach. The reception was absolutely breathtaking! The flowers, the food, the entertainment - all top notch! It was also Danny's birthday, so we tried to take advantage of the time between the ceremony and the reception. We had a late lunch at Ri Ra - an Irish restaurant at Fourth Street Live. We also drove down to the Water Tower and walked around a bit. Following the reception, we decided to meet up with a few friends and went bowling! I think it was the first time I've bowled in a fancy dress. We had a great time!

Mommy Time

I've been pretty desperate for a break recently and thanks to Danny, I've been able to enjoy a few nights out! My mom bought tickets for my sisters and I to see Gov't Mule and Dr. John at Iroquois Amphitheater on June 14. We had such a great time!! I love live music and it was so nice to have a little break during the week!

I also had a pretty fun night out with Macy, Kim and Leslie. Macy and I had dinner at Sol Aztecas and then went to Leslie's house for a few cocktails. We were able to sit on the front porch and just relax together. We decided to take in a late show at The Connection. We had a blast!