Monday, January 30, 2012

A new week!

We had a really great weekend - maybe a little too great! Saturday evening, we had a few friends over and had lots of great food! I tried to be good - even making WW buffalo chicken dip and salsa roll ups...but then proceeded to eat too many! Yesterday was only a little worse...Danny and I were feeling the crave and headed to White Castle for lunch. Those little cheeseburgers are 5 pts each...not too WW friendly. I didn't track anything I ate yesterday and only tracked half my day on Saturday. I should go to my WW meeting tonight, but don't want to feel too frustrated with myself. Oh well, I guess we all need to indulge once in a while! Even if I did backslide a little this weekend, I'm pretty sure it was all worth it to have a great night with some really great friends. I'm back on the wagon today...even remembering to track the little bit of sugar I added to my coffee this morning since I'm out of the not so healthy, but point free artificial sweetener! 

Danny weighed himself on Saturday and had lost 5 pounds! I'm so proud of him and hope we can both keep this momentum going!

This marks a big week for us...Sophie will be 11 months old on Thursday! Time is flying by! We are planning her first birthday party. It seems like we just brought her home from the hospital yesterday. 

We went to the Boat and RV Show this she is, taking it all in!

 And showing off her new trick - climbing on the coffee table!

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