Thursday, February 2, 2012

month 11

Today, Sophie is 11 months old! We celebrated with goldfish and was very exciting! We also read books, she took a bath and we sang song together. It was pretty much a typical night at our house. :) She continues to be a little chatter box. Most things, she calls "cat" or "that." Today, she started saying a word that sounds like "happy," but I'm not sure what she is talking about. She's also started saying "bop," which I think she says when she wants a bottle, but I could be wrong about that. She loves reading so much! If you sit down and ask her if she wants to read a book, she'll walk over to her books, pick one out and bring it back for you to read it to her. She's also really great about playing alone. She'll sit and "read" her books, turning the pages and babbling away.

We don't take it lightly how very blessed we have been over the past 11 months. Sophie has never been sick, except for a bit of a runny nose once or twice. She is so unbelievably sweet and loving. Tonight when I came home from work, I sat down for a few minutes before starting dinner, and she would walk over to me and just lay her little head on my leg. Those sweet moments are so precious to me.

I told Sophie to give the monkey kisses...she's so sweet!

And hugs for the monkey!


Such a goofy girl!

After her bath...

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