Thursday, February 16, 2012

A little overwhelmed

Wow. This week has been really, really crazy to say the least. Mom and Vannah had a fire at their apartment on Sunday night, and basically lost everything. Mom has found some pictures and a few other sentimental items, but overall, it looks like a total loss. I took off from work on Monday and Tuesday to just try to figure out what to do. This is a new one for us. The last several years have been so difficult for my mom and the rest of the family. They lost the house we grew up in, we lost my dad, and now my mom has lost most everything that has been important to her. Vannah had a lot of nice things...cameras, guitars, movies, books, etc. And it's all gone. My heart is truly breaking for them. Mom has had her ups and her downs over the past few days, but seems to be motivated to rebuild and move forward. Vannah has taken it all in stride and has been so strong.

Until mom and Vannah can find a new place to live, they are staying with us. We don't have a huge home, so when everyone is there, we are nearly on top of each other. We've been so blessed to receive help from the American Red Cross and from family and friends. Vannah has already received a lot of clothes, and I know that there are more coming her way. I took this picture of our living room/Vannah's temporary room this morning. It's a little overwhelming, really.

I know that the days and weeks to come will continue to be difficult. Danny has been the most wonderful husband I could ever ask for during all of this. He was quick to the scene on Sunday night when Vannah called to tell us about the fire. He stayed with my mom at the hospital until the wee hours of the morning. He has helped organize donations, picking things up from folks and making arrangements for more. I don't know what I've done in my life to deserve him, but he is truly wonderful. This is and will continue to be difficult for all of us. But, like in all the trials we've faced before, we will all come out stronger and better because of it.

In other not so dramatic news, I met my first weight loss goal. My first short-term goal was to lose 20 pounds by Sophie's first birthday. As of Tuesday morning, I've lost 20.2 pounds on WW. It's nice to experience some success! I'm doing the best that I can to stick to the plan in the midst of all of the craziness. It's been difficult at times, with girlfriends bringing over Chinese food and taking me out for Mexican, but it will all be okay. Danny has lost 10 pounds already. I'm sure he will pass me up quickly on his journey.

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