Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting closer!

I weighed in at WW last night, but wasn't able to stay for the meeting as Danny had to make it to work. I lost another 2 pounds this week, bringing me just 1.6 pounds away from my goal (well, my small goal, with a lot more to go). I set a personal goal to lose 20 pounds by Sophie's first birthday (March 2nd). I still have several weeks until then, and am thinking I could possibly hit 25 before that time. I'm proud of the progress that I've made. Danny and I are both working hard and doing what we can to shed the pounds. One thing I did this week was give up my beloved diet coke (and diet mountain dew and diet dr. pepper...). It hasn't been that difficult. I thought I would have some caffeine headaches, but I really haven't. I've stuck to mostly water and coffee a few mornings over this week. I did "cheat" on Saturday - I had diet pepsi at my friend's daughter's birthday party and one of my girlfriends came over for dinner on Saturday night and brought with her a cherry coke zero...my favorite! Danny read an article last week about how terrible soft drinks are for you, even diet, and I just said that it was time to give it up and only have them as a treat. I think it's a little harder for him, as he is a Mt. Dew loyalist. I stole his water bottle (which was covered in dust, so I didn't think he would mind). My goal is to drink two bottles a day at work (a total of 64 oz) and then I just drink water when I go home as well.

I can't think of anything else I've done differently this week. I did have dinner at my sister's one night and we ordered Domino's pizza. I must say, their new cheesy bread is out of this world. She ordered the jalapeno and bacon kind. Oh my. It was so good, and so was I. I decided that one piece wasn't enough, but one and a half pieces were plenty. It does feel good to indulge a little and not feel like I'm blowing my plan.

I did make some baked cheese sticks for Super Bowl. Danny and I watched it at home together and had a few light snacks. The cheese sticks were pretty good. Not nearly as good as the fried variety, but they did the trick.

Saturday night, I made chicken enchiladas. I didn't calculate the points for them, but I don't think they were very bad. Normally, I add some cream cheese to my chicken enchilada mixture, but opted not to this time. That saved a lot on the points, but we didn't miss it at all. Sophie loved the chicken! I was worried it would be a little spicy for her, but she was fine with it. We also started Ms. Sophie on some whole milk this weekend. I'm mixing two ounces of milk with four ounces of formula. She hasn't had any issues, so it looks like we're one step closer to saying goodbye to formula! Now getting the bottle away from her will be another issue!

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