Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life Otherwise

There is more to my life than just following Weight Watchers, but not much more than spending my time with this sweet girl. She is in the throes of the terrible twos. She can be the sweetest, most loving child and then turns into a little monster out of nowhere! Tonight, she had to go to time-out because she keeps trying to lick me and was spitting. Last night, she sat at the dinner table for about an hour until she decided to take ONE BITE of chicken. I don't want to force food on her if she's not hungry, but when she's devouring goldfish and not touching her chicken, something's gotta give! I'm leaving her for the longest period of time ever this weekend. I'm packing up and heading to Brown County on Friday with three of my best girls and won't be back until Sunday afternoon. I'll miss her (and her daddy) like crazy, but goodness, I need a break!

This is our sweet Maggie. I just adore her. And so does Sophie. Sophie is so incredibly sweet and gentle with her. I love watching her "play" with her.

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