Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back on Track

I'm finally back! The girls and I had an amazing weekend in Brown County, but since returning, I've had a hard time getting back on track. I've gone to the grocery and prepared some meals to get me through the week. Once again, I see what happens when I get out of my routine. It's almost as if I just stop thinking. But those days are over and I'm back to being accountable. The weekend was a wash. Between the awesome brewery that we found, the bottles of wine we consumed and the "Taste of Brown County," I'm praying I didn't gain any weight when I weigh in on Friday. This week hasn't been all bad, but it hasn't been all good either (food wise that is....I'm enjoying every second of my vacation). Here's my meal tracker for today.

I also had strawberries with lunch and dinner and a slice of cheese (2 pts) and crackers (2 pts) for a snack. I'm under my daily points target for today. I'm considering having a cup of sherbet (6 pts.) but am holding off for now.

I earned 5 activity points by walking 2.3 miles through the zoo this morning.

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