Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More on becoming Catholic

I met with the lady from St. Albert last night. Interestingly enough, she called late yesterday morning and we were able to find a time yesterday that worked for both of us to meet. Our meeting was informative and she was able to show me exactly where the nursery is. Whew! I will start attending RCIA classes on Thursday evenings. I'm excited that I'm able to join a group that just recently formed and will hopefully be confirmed and receive my First Communion at the Easter Vigil. I've put a lot of thought into this process and am finally ready to take the next steps. 

This week, the RCIA group is attending a service at a different church - Church of the Advent. Apparently, they have spend several weeks discussing prayer in its many forms and have decided to take a field trip. The group is attending the Church of the Advent where they have a Taize prayer ceremony. I found this article, which has solidified my desire to go. In the craziness of my life, I'm searching for some stillness. Some time to just be quiet before God. I'm really excited to attend this and learn more about this form of prayer, which started in a small French community. 


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