Monday, April 4, 2011

First Night Out!

On Friday night, I went to see Widespread Panic with my sisters. Sophie stayed at home with Danny for the first time! I had a really hard time leaving them for the evening and sent tons of text messages to check in! Sophie was a good girl and was perfectly content by the time I got home.

We had a blast at the show. Vannah came with us for her first show, and really had a great time. One of her friends was there and they danced together the whole time! It was a lot of fun!

‎04/01/11 Palace Theater, Louisville, KY
1: Porch Song > Blackout Blues, Flicker > Imitation Leather Shoes, This Part Of Town, Christmas Katie, Let It Rock, One Arm Steve, Makes Sense To Me
2: Goodpeople > Dark Bar > Goodpeople, Weight Of The World, Saint Ex > Driving Song > Shut Up And Drive > Driving Song > Breathing Slow > Disco, Pil...
grims > Pleas > Mr. Soul
E: Stop-Go > Knocking 'Round The Zoo

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