Friday, March 18, 2011

I realized the other day that I don't really have any pictures of me and Sophie. Here's one that Danny took the other morning before going to my doctor's appointment.

Wednesday was a great day this week! I had a doctor's appointment and found out that I currently weigh 12 pounds less than I did at my first prenatal appointment last July. That means that since giving birth to little Sophie 2 weeks ago, I've lost 20+ pounds. Now, I have a long way to go to meet any weight loss goals, but it was exciting to see the scale dip a bit lower than it had in the past! Before having Sophie, I was looking forward to having the spring off - going on walks with Sophie everyday, maybe joining Weight Watchers - definitely trying to lose some weight. After having a c-section, my body aches. It's difficult to walk upstairs more than once or twice a day. I'm tired a lot. I'm not taking the strong pain killers anymore (I really wanted to be able to drive!), but I'm still on a high dose of ibuprofen just to feel well enough to walk around the house. I was encouraged that the breastfeeding is helping and the small amount of activity I can do is also contributing. We'll see how long this all lasts, but for now, I'm encouraged!

After returning from my doctor's appointment, Sophie's Grandma (Danny's mom) came by for a visit. That evening, several of our friends came over and we decided to cook out. We had a great time! It had been a long time since we'd had a group of people over, so it was really nice to not only see everyone, but to be able to look forward to this summer - nicer weather, cook outs, and great friends! I'm so excited for it! Sophie was a party animal! She was well behaved - when she was with me! She's become quite a mama's girl (which doesn't bother me one bit!) and loves to sleep on my chest. This morning has been difficult - my to-do list is growing so I decided to put her in her swing for her morning nap. She's done great! She's slept for about an hour and half, if not longer! Looks like we need to purchase some more batteries!

Today is pay day! Yay! Hopefully that means that we'll get out of the house for a bit - maybe a run to the grocery store, probably a run to Babies R Us. It doesn't matter to me where we go - I'm just excited to get out for a bit!

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