Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The time has come...

I took the day off work today to prepare for tomorrow. At our doctor's appointment yesterday, we decided to go ahead and be induced tommorrow (March 2). Throughout my pregnancy, my blood pressure has been on the higher end. It hasn't been so high that I've been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, but high enough that my doctor does watch it pretty closely. I've been thankful that it hasn't turned into pre-eclampsia and basically, my doctor feels like it's best to induce now while all conditions are "favorable" instead of waiting too long and taking the chance that I could develop pre-eclampsia. I was 4 cm dilated yesterday (I was checked twice - once by my doctor and once by a student, who once she was "settled," said "what am I feeling for?" Um....don't you think you should have asked that about 30 seconds ago!?!?). I've progressed some each week, so my doctor is going to take advantage of the progress we've made and we are set to induce tomorrow.

We are both so excited! It was awfully difficult for me to focus at work yesterday. I struggled to get much accomplished, but was able to contact the families of the kids I work with and say farewell to my girls. I've tried really hard to prepare them that this would be my last week, so it wasn't very dramatic. Last night, Danny and I just spent a quiet night at home. We ordered a pizza and quite frankly, we didn't even talk much with each other. I think we both just needed to sit and let things really sink in. Today, there are a few things on my to-do list, but mostly, I want to savor the quiet time in our pre-baby home. I need to finish packing my hospital bag, put some laundry away, do the dishes, and finish writing thank you notes. Danny is going to install the car seat. We may have dinner with my mom and sisters. Then, we'll try to head to bed early tonight. We'll call the hospital a little before 5 a.m. to see when they want us to come in. I'm trying to prepare myself that tomorrow will be a long day, but all I can think about is kissing the sweet little face of our baby. It will be weird not to have people asking me every day if it's a boy or a girl. Our little "Baby Minton" will finally have a name!

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