Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday night fun...

I vowed that this weekend, I would be lazy. I would not do anything I didn't want to do and I wouldn't feel obligated to leave the house if I didn't want to. I told my mom that my spot this weekend was on the home. Well, that changed this morning when my sister called to tell me that she, Vannah, and my mom were heading the Shelby County Flea Market. I told her that I would jump in the shower and be ready as soon as possible.

When we were growing up, we went to the Shelby County Flea Market at least once a month. We spent so much time there as a for cheap clothes, cheap crafts and cheap food. Oh the food! Who would think going to a flea market would make you so hungry! Our family favorite? Fried cauliflower with cheese sauce. You haven't lived until you've had it.

The thought of going to the flea market today made my heart skip a beat! Let me just say, things have changed. A lot. And not in a good way. They now have several booths were you must be over the age of 18 to enter as they sell "tobacco" pipes inside (including one made from a Pringles can). Looking for a Quinceanera dress? Go to the flea market. They have plenty. It was not the flea market of my childhood. I bought nothing all day.

After leaving the flea market, Vannah and I decided a trip to Michael's was in order. Boy did that change my day! I found the cutest stamps on sale and replaced one of the ink pads that was ruined by the girls at work. Here's a card I made tonight:

I think it's adorable! Vannah and I have had a great evening....watching chick flicks and crafting. Well, I'm crafting, she's drawing. Either way, it must be the most perfect Saturday night!

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  1. sounds so fun! you need to come with me to mighty dollar! tons of scrapbooking and cardmaking stuff....for $1. no kidding!!