Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life is changing...

Things have been pretty exciting at our house since, oh, around June 28th! That's the date that changed everything...

I had been feeling like something was going on for a few days, but since we've had so many months of "feeling" like something was going on, I didn't get too excited. Not to go into too many details about the past year and a half of our lives, but let's just say that Danny and I have been ready for babies for a long since we got married. We weren't taking temperatures, counting days or any of that, but we were hoping. And praying. And trying. And for months and months and months, nothing happened. My closest friends and family members who knew how badly we wanted to have a baby just kept saying that it wasn't our time and that it would happen when it was supposed to. I believed that and still do. So, at the end of June, one day after my monthly visitor didn't show, I stopped at Walgreen's on my way home from work and bought a two pack of pregnancy tests. I was in shock. I took the test and saw two pink lines - positive! It was so unbelievable. No one was here with me...I hadn't even told Danny that I was a day late. I just kept looking at my cat, talking to him, and telling him what was happening. I remember walking back and forth between our bedroom and bathroom, making sure my eyes were working correctly.

Over the next week or so, I think I took 5 more pregnancy tests. They were all positive. At first, Danny and I decided that we were going to keep this little secret until our first doctor's appointment on July 21. I knew that I wouldn't last. I was going to see my sisters just a couple of nights later that first week and I told Danny there was no way I could see them and not tell them. That's when we decided to just tell our immediate family. Everyone was excited for us. My sisters cried, my mom shrieked, my niece asked how the baby got in my belly and how it was going to get out (glad I have a few years before I'll have to answer that one!).

Fast forward just a few weeks....our first doctor's appointment was on July 21...the day Danny had VIP and Meet and Greet passes to the Korn/Rob Zombie concert in Cincinnati. Danny went to the concert. My mom and I went to the doctor. That's when we met this little one...

Love at first sight! We heard the heart beat and got this great picture of our little peanut! After that appointment, we started to tell some of our really close friends. Now, here we are a month later. We've made it "Facebook official." We went back to the doctor this week and got another picture of our little peanut:

The baby is growing as the doctor expects and has a strong heartbeat. I am so glad that the baby is growing, but man, I am worn out! I've been pretty lucky with this morning sickness, no getting sick. I have lost 6 pounds, but I think that's more due to making better food choices knowing that I'm responsible for the little one growing in my belly.

I'm so looking forward to the next several months and just can't wait until March 2011 when we get to meet our own bundle of joy!

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