Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sophie - age 3

I'm not sure why Blogger is giving me so many issues....feels like the powers are working against me to update the blog! Over the past year, Sophie has grown and changed so much. She started day care in August. The first few months were really, really hard. She was tired, grumpy and didn't understand why we would leave her there all day. I couldn't pass her in the halls at work without a complete meltdown! Thankfully, those days are behind us and Sophie is thriving at school. She LOVES to learn and has made lots of friends. It makes me so happy to see her being active and social - while I'm working. It's comforting to have her in the same building as me. I can even eat lunch with her without a meltdown! She's really done well and is supposed to be joining a pre-school class in August. She's the youngest in her class, but her teacher says that she's the smartest...just what I like to hear. 

Her personality really shines as well. She continues to make us laugh every day. She loves playing with her Daddy and I love watching their relationship. I will say that she is three, through and through. She is asserting her independence, but still needs Mommy. Just about every day, she looks at me and says "Mommy, you're my best friend." She is so excited to become a big sister, desperately hoping for a baby brother. She loves to be active and play outside. She is potty trained except for at bedtime (thanks especially to her school for that one). She is tall for her age and is already wearing a 4T. 

She has started to dress herself all the time....leading to outfits like these. 



And with Danny's work schedule, we enjoy lots of quality time together. 


It's so hard to believe that she is already three years old and growing more everyday. Every morning, she wakes up and asks if she's grown enough to be a "fire girl." She wants to be a fire fighter when she grows up, but also wants Mommy and Daddy to ride in the fire truck with her - she'll be driving, of course. 

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