Monday, June 20, 2011

dad's day

With Sophie's baptism on Father's Day this year, I was a bit distracted from the hoop-la surrounding Father's Day. I was happy to celebrate Danny's first Father's Day with him. I gave him a photo book that I made for him and I think he really liked it. Father's Day, like so many other holidays, is just a tough day for me and my family. Yesterday was especially difficult because I reallywish my dad was there to see Sophie get baptized. It seems that having a baby has made the loss of my dad reach a little deeper than it did before. I miss him terribly, every day. And I'm so sad that Sophie will never know her Gramps. He would have loved her so very much and I just know she would have been crazy about him. Sometimes, it still doesn't feel real, even though it's been more than 2 years since he died. I know that it's not something we will ever "get over" and most days now are easier than before, but it still hurts and I still miss him.

This is just one of my favorite pictures of me and dad. I miss you.

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