Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small world....

The week before last, a photographer came to my work to take pictures of one of the boys. He was a really nice guy - very creative and engaging. He even showed me a few magic tricks in my office. We had a scheduling conflict - I had to stay late at work and Danny needed to sleep, so I had my mom drop Sophie off to me at work. She was happy as clam, finding rocks and entertaining my co-workers with her animal sounds while we waited for the photo shoot to wrap up. The photographer even snapped a few pics of Sophie and me.  I was so excited to see them! While waiting, my mom and I were talking about wedding planning - her wedding, my wedding, my sister's up-coming wedding, and she mentioned the photographer my parents used for their ceremony and reception. Would you believe that the same guy that was at work taking pictures of my kid is the same man that took the pictures at my parent's wedding? He was also a good friend of my dad's in their younger years. Apparently, he even came to dad's funeral and has kept in touch some with mom. Such a small world. 

Here's the picture he sent me this morning. 

photo by John Nation

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