Monday, December 26, 2011

Sophie's First Christmas

This Christmas has really been the best yet. Sophie had so much fun and was so spoiled by our family and friends. On Christmas Eve, we visited for a while with my dad's side of the family. We weren't able to stay too long (and I forgot to take any pictures), but we were able to meet two of Sophie's new cousins! I'm excited that she'll have two cousins (well, 1st cousins once-removed according to Danny) close to her age that she can grow up with. Her cousin Brynn was born in September and her cousin Baron was born about a month ago. After our short visit there, we went to Danny's aunt and uncle's house. we had a great time visiting with the family, eating great food and opening presents! 

Sophie had fun opening her presents and playing with her cousins. She did pretty well considering we were out way past her bedtime!

Christmas morning, Danny, Sophie and I exchanged gifts with each other at home before leaving for a busy day. Sophie got a few new books, a shape sorter and a music table. She loves the music table! Danny surprised me with a new pair of earrings. I was shocked to say the least! He also got me the first season of Modern Family and a new FM transmitter for my car. I got him the newest Transformers movie and the Comedy Movies Scene It game. Today, he got his new phone, which was his big gift. 

We then headed to Danny's sister's house for Christmas brunch. The food was of course delicious and Sophie again loved watching her cousins play. She cannot wait to be able to run around with them!

We finished the day at my mom's house. As always, it was so great to visit with my Mamaw....we miss her so much and wish we could have spent more time with her.

We had such a great Christmas weekend. Sophie was quite a little trooper...missing naps and staying up past her bedtime. I think all the good food and presents made up for all of that. We'll be celebrating the New  Year quietly this year. Sophie will be sleeping and Danny will be working. It will be my first New Year by myself in many years, but I'm sure I'll survive! I'm definitely looking forward to short work weeks this week and next!

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