Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A brief Sophie update...

We've been struggling for more than a month with Sophie not wanting to sleep in her own bed. A lot of it is probably our fault because we're tired and just don't feel like fighting with her. I've been reading a lot and trying to find a solution and one thing that I've figured out is that she's probably overly tired when we're putting her to bed. I like to spend as much time as possible with her in the evenings, but find that it only makes things worse if I keep her up too late. That being said, I've tried to start a new bedtime routine - getting her to sleep between 7:30 and 8 p.m. as opposed to 9 p.m. or so. Things have been a little disrupted with Thanksgiving, but last night, I gave her a bath around 6:30 and turned all the lights off in the house. I made sure things were quiet, gave her the last bottle of the evening and just spent some quiet time with her. I sing her her favorite songs and enjoy those sweet moments so much. She was asleep last night before 8 p.m. I laid her in her bed, and even though she was up several times before 8 p.m. and midnight, I didn't get her back out of the crib. I patted her back, rubbed her eye brows (which always worked for Vannah), and just said "Shh..." It was frustrating at times (especially when it was after 9 and I hadn't had any supper), but it paid off. She woke up the last time around midnight (but had slept from 10:30 until then) and then I didn't hear a peep from her again until a little after 7 this morning, when she was just babbling away in her crib. I was so proud of her!

And, she FINALLY has two bottom teeth coming in. You can feel the very tops of them, but can't really see them just yet. I am hoping that getting the teeth in will help with her sleeping as well.

She will be 9 months old on Friday. It's crazy to think how close we are to her first birthday. Even on the hardest days, I love seeing that little smile and knowing that all is right in our world.

Here's a picture of her from this weekend. We got some more clothes from Melissa and I'm loving the overalls. You can't see Sophie's hands because she was so excited!

I'll have to post more pictures from Thanksgiving (hopefully tonight). Last night, I used the quiet time that I had to clean the kitchen and pick up around the house. Tonight, I'll use it to relax. :)

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