Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Nursery

Thanks to some loving people in our lives, the nursery is really starting to come together! My in-laws bought us the crib, which Danny put together over the weekend. A close family friend came over last night and brought with her the crib bedding set AND the lamp and mobile that matches. (She also cut my hair - for which I am extremely grateful! I kept thinking - I'll want to be able to put it in a ponytail when baby comes, which really meant that I've been putting it in a ponytail constantly. I'm glad to have some of the dead weight gone and am loving my new hair cut!)

Here are two pictures of the nursery (so far):

This is the changing table, glider (which I'd love to reupholster but don't think I know how), and the bookshelves...we'll remove the cans of paint on the bottom shelf before Baby makes its debut.

Here's the crib with the bedding! It's hard to see in this picture, but the theme is called "Bunny Meadows." It's a sage green and brown combo and I love it! I snapped these pictures with my cell phone this morning, but will try to take some better pictures ASAP. Above the crib, I plan to spell out the baby's name in letters that I've decorated myself (I've bought the letters...now to decorate them...). Interestingly, the two names that we've chosen only differ by one letter, so we'll be prepared either way!

The countdown is officially on! I am due 6 weeks from yesterday. I'm not feeling like I'll go early by any means. I am praying that Baby stays tight until March 1, due to some benefits stuff at work (and of course because the baby will be healthier the long he/she stays baking!).

Our first shower is this weekend and I am so excited to catch up with some old friends! I've become even more of a homebody since I found out I was pregnant, so it will be nice to just be able to spend time with some great people we haven't seen in a while. My mom and sisters are hosting this monkey themed shower...and whenever my family is involved, you can just about guarantee it will be wild! Can't wait for the fun of it all!

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