Monday, October 11, 2010


I loved the weather last week! The temperatures in the 70's just made my heart melt with happiness. And here we are, almost the middle of October, and highs in the 90's again. I just love how the meteorologists on TV act so excited about breaking records...I mean, really? It's not a good thing!!

Anyways - since I'm still so excited for the cooler weather, I decided to make myself this:

It's been a difficult, heart-wrenching week at work. I guess when we work with people, things just get tough sometimes. I've had a difficult time with this situation in particular and am constantly having to remind myself about professional boundaries and encouraging myself to step away from the situation. I think I'm a little too emotionally involved and I'm trying to get some separation, but man, it's tough! I'm so hoping this nice, big mug of hot cocoa will help me feel a little better this evening!

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