Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's been too long...

I feel like I've been away from blog-land for a ridiculously long time! My day to day life is much different than it was a month or so ago! I'm happy to say that I left my old position, where I wasn't very happy and I'm back in a place where I feel comfortable, loved, and supported. It was so fun coming back to work here - seeing people that I hadn't seen in over a year was really exciting! Some of the novelty of the new position is starting to wear off, but I can say, I truly believe this is where I'm meant to be right now. I'm excited for the future here and am getting anxious to get the program started.

I've had so many things over the past month that I've taken pictures of to post on here, stories to tell, crafts to make, and I just haven't sat down to do it. I'm thinking tonight might be the night. I had to post something today so it didn't look like I was gone forever. I'll be back!

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